XMPP Service Status

Incoming Stanzas
IQ: 3960537
Message: 619727
Presence: 2884826

Outgoing Stanzas
IQ: 732605
Message: 288557
Presence: 1279725

Handled Sessions
WebSockets: 0
Client to Server streams: 112
Incoming Server to Server streams: 79
Outgoing Server to Server streams: 70
Bidirectional Server to Server streams: 3

Server Resident Memory Usage
Allocated (in bytes): 146427904
Used (in bytes): 111459856

Hosts Status

lightwitch.org: Online
metronome.im: Online

Components Status

conference.lightwitch.org: Online
pubsub.lightwitch.org: Online
users.lightwitch.org: Online
muc.metronome.im: Online
pubsub.metronome.im: Online