Storage Quotas and Additional Services

By default LW.Org Webmail accounts will have a fixed space quota of 1 GiB and a limit of 30 RCPT per hour, and will be restricted to use the Webmail.

As stated multiple times, mantaining this service, coding new features and buying/upgrading the required hardware/off-site services (e.g. vps) etc. costs both money and a considerable effort, which unfortunately over the years I have been forced to almost cover completely myself.

So, in the hope users first or laters will be wishing to contribute even partially to the community increase of disk quotas regarding Mail/WebDAV storage will work as following:

  • Each USD contributed unatantum, will be rewarded with a quota increase of 500 MiBs
  • When reaching 10 USD contributed, RCPT limit removed, direct client access via SMTP and IMAP protocols enabled**
  • When reaching 15 USD contributed, access to SyncML, Synchronization services and Microsoft Outlook MAPI (via MailEnable Connector) will be enabled
  • At 50 USDs contributed you will be able to request us a Post Office with your personalised e-mail domain name and 5 mailboxes/5 mailing lists pooling the 26 GiBs quota you gained, which you will be able to administer yourself (via a webadmin interface)

** Note that Two-Factor authentication won't work via SMTP/IMAP or MAPI

I think this is a balanced and fair rewarding method, although I'm open to suggestions, should you want to share your opinion feel free to send an inquiry via the contact form.