Mail Service

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Beside Instant Messaging, from now on you will be able to use your address as mail address also! LW.Org Mail is optimised to follow the xmpp service tuned strong security and is well hardened against Spam.

This account will last as long as you have a xmpp account and is paired with it so as soon as you de-register/delete it, it will be deleted as well.

Below are some of the key features:

  • Personal Calendar, Tasks
  • LDAP Directory
  • Personal WebDAV based file storage
  • Sharing Mail Resources (Folders/Calendars etc.) across accounts
  • Public Folders
  • Two - Factor Authentication either Additional SMTP or TOTP
  • Advanced Filtering and Antispam
  • Migration of IMAP and CalDAV/CardDAV data from a remote mail server account
  • Direct access through SMTP, IMAP, POP3 and MAPI

instant messaging and mail accounts will use the same password it's possible to change it via "Manage Accounts" on this site or in-band via XEP-0077.

Please note that only accounts registered after 17th December 2017 will be provisioned with a paired webmail account, if you're interested and you're already registered just drop us a message using the site contact form and we'll set you an account asap.