Terms of Service

LW.Org does offer its communication services free of charge to the general public.

-- Short rules statement

You're not entitled to use this service for malicious intents like: 

  • Spamming
  • Harrassing
  • Hate seeding and xenophoby/racism promoting activities and discussions
  • Promoting, discussing or sharing of illegal sexual material
  • Illegal sharing of copyrighted material
  • Phishing, Scamming and other ill intented activities
  • Any Denial of Servicing
  • Use this service as "carrier for" or "intermediate to" cheat bots, and/or other game cheating activities

Regarding the use of Disposable E-Mail Addresses to register to the service:

  • Furthermore you're NOT entitled to use a DSA to register to our services, your mail address won't be stored more than the log rotation time in our mail server. Throw-away addresses are mainly used for malicious intents and most of these services simply let the messages being web harvested, which is UNACCEPTABLE. Periodically (within the week) we perform checks for registrations done through Throw-away E-Mail providers (which aren't catched by Metronome's DSA/Spam filtering system itself), if found, the accounts will be assumed, no matter what, as ToS breaching without the possibility of an appeal.

Failing to comply to every of the above will result in a breach of the terms of service and the immediate account termination.

-- Regarding privacy

Logging, Data Retention:

  • We do not monitor data content (e.g. message content) passing through our services.
  • Some public multi-user chatrooms which have the "room logging" configuration option explicitly enabled will have the sole groupchat activity logged and exposed via a web interface, and you will be warned appropriately as mandated by XEP-0045 when you join.
  • Users who have explicitly enabled Message Archive Management (XEP-0313) could have upto 5000 sent and received private messages (not MUC) historic recorded on the server, otherwise clients may signal our server to not store messages using Message Processing Hints (XEP-0334).
  • When you connect to our xmpp service or use our webmail services data like ip address, jabber id or username, mail from/rcpt and subjects are recorded in our logs and will be aggregated along other server data to help with debugging/troubleshooting and eventual abuse tracking/prevention.
  • This service offers a HTTP Upload (XEP-0363) component that offers an out of band method to users to share content, files have a set expiral of two days after which will be deleted from storage on subsequent uploads. Files will also be removed on user deletion. Using the upload service implies you take full responsibility of the files you share and download.

Personal Data Disclosure:

  • LW.Org will never disclose any personal data pertaining to its users to any third party, also we don't require you to provide any information which would make it possible to identificate yourself (Name, Surname, Residence etc.) to register to it, given the exception of the E-Mail address (as mentioned above) used to send you the verification token to complete the account registration process, which beside syslog/mail logs isn't retained anywhere and is eventually garbage collected whit the said logs' rotations (usually from a week to one month depending on the service).
  • The above statement would partially or not apply in case of abuse or ToS breach as every measure deemed necessary will be taken in order to settle the situation and pursue investigations including disclosure of data to middle parties, involved or to be involved parties and/or recognized authorities, etc.

Passwords safety:

  • Passwords are stored into the server in hashed format strengthened by a randomly generated key salt making it way harder for 'em to be decoded or cracked for both xmpp or mail.
  • We do although encourage you to apply basic safety measures to create passwords of decent strength.
  • LW.Org Administrators will never ask you for your password/s and or will be able to retrieve 'em on your behalf in case of loss

-- Final disclaimers

LW.Org provides its public services, AS IS, without guarantees of sort, we perhaps decline any liability in case of damage or loss derived from their usage. We also reserve the right to suspend either the services, and/or the access to them to any third party, without notice.

By registering and/or using an account, you agree to abide to the above service agreement.