LW.Org IM: Public Jabber/XMPP service

Welcome, this is an introduction page to our Public Instant Messaging Service.

LW.Org IM is reachable with a xmpp client, pointing it at lightwitch.org or using our web based solutions.

To register an account on this instant messaging service you may either use In-Band Registration or Out-of-Band using the form on this site (see Manage Account > Register an account, on the side bar menu).

We have several tutorials on Jabber/XMPP and how to connect. (See: "LW.Org XMPP / Jabber Guide: Small notes on the standard and how to connect" in Book navigation)

Service components:

  • conference.lightwitch.org -- Multi-User Chat (XEP-0045), this component holds our rooms.
  • proxy65.lightwitch.org -- SOCKS5 Bytestreams (XEP-0065), this component implements the SOCKS5 Bytestreams Proxy service.
  • pubsub.lightwitch.org -- Publish Subscribe (XEP-60), this component holds feeds and our users' Microblogging (XEP-277) nodes.
  • upload.lightwitch.org -- HTTP File Upload (XEP-363), this component implements HTTP PUT based file uploads, the upstream service allows uploading of files of upto 1GiB and has a set expiration of 2 days.
  • users.lightwitch.org -- Implements Jabber Search (aka XEP-0055), it's on purpose keept as light as possible it allows you to publish a limited set of information also so that it's not ground for abuses by SPAM harvesters, when you register to LW.Org IM you won't be shown on the User Directory service but should you decide to do so you can "Opt-in" or therefore the contrary "Opt-out" in case you signed up and want to remove your data (both using adhoc commands).