Retiring of mailenable services

After a bit of thought, we decided that the free mail services will be retired, ultimately they're never used and just consume and waste ourselves money and resources to mantain the mailenable infrastructure which ultimately isn't much used.

if you're still interested in mantaining your mail account send us a mail via the contact form to have the data moved to our new mail infrastructure free of charge.


  • Maranda said

    There's no problem, though we now fully retired the previous mail services so I'd need to manually setup the accounts for you which you'll be able to only access either via OWA/EWS or ActiveSync. Neither POP3 or IMAP are supported (as we don't use those internally).

  • John Enis said

    Hello and thank your for running this service! I only recently discovered it.

    As I recently discovered the service, I have not used the e-mail yet -- but was planning to.

    I wanted to make 2 accounts, my existing <censored> account and then I was going to make a second <censored> address, as a more "professional" address. I have not set up the second account yet.

    Could this work?



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