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  • Website, DNS and Mail outages 05/06/2020

    Due to a catastrophic server failure on our internal domain controller, the whole infrastructure went offline for about a day, we deeply apologize for the inconvenience.The website server might go … more

  • Retiring of mailenable services

    After a bit of thought, we decided that the free mail services will be retired, ultimately they're never used and just consume and waste ourselves money and resources to mantain the mailenable … more

  • XMPP Service Outages 28/04/2020

    Tags: xmpp server, downtime

    There's currently some issues with the XMPP Server, which cause the underlying software to unexpectedly hung up in a deadlock, we're actively trying to tracedown the culprit at the moment.

    And also … more

  • Change associated mail address via adhoc commands

    From today with newest changes to Metronome code, it's now possible to change your account associated mail address using adhoc commands yourself as opposed to requesting a server administrator to do … more

  • Changes to Mail Service

    Tags: mail, webmail

    Default quota has been increased from 100 MiBs to 1 GiB, it's possible to request additional SMTP/IMAP/POP3/MAPI/Card or CALDav/SyncML service access free of charge. more

  • Conversations users should change their password

    Due to the implementation of SCRAM-SHA-256, who uses Conversations may find theirselves unable to login because SHA-256 credentials keysets are missing in their account store, to rectify that all … more

  • Server Instability 24/09/2018

    The server instability caused by SCRAM-SHA1-PLUS implementation breakage is resolved, deeply sorry for the inconvenience at least the server is now more secure by supporting TLS channel binding, that … more

  • Issue with Case Sensivity in Password Reset

    I today found out a problem with case sensivity in the password reset code of Metronome which possibly prevented users from changing their password on, the related code was patched and … more