About Us

LW.Org was founded by Mar, J.G. (nicknames) and a few other friends which contributed over the years back in 1999, originally the site was the experimenting place of both but then with years passing it served other purposes.

After discovering the wonders of XMPP and Jabber I decided to dwell deeply into it, and turn LW.Org into a public jabber service, since it was way less centric and also more advanced then IRC.

In early sept. 2010 very active development on "LW.Org IM" started. And I can say that today (Sept. 13), the service is more than ready for sustained usage.

As the current person solely managing the site (Maranda), I also develope personalized interactive sites/infrastructures based mainly on OS technology and software, using Web CMS Frameworks and/or XMPP. I'm able to do the content managing/translating between English and Italian if required.

Feel free to contact me via XMPP or Mail at: maranda et lightwitch.org