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  • 11/11/2017 VM Restarts

    Tags: maintenance, xmpp, storm

    To fix network configuration regarding some routing issues, a few restarts were necessary. Sorry for the inconvenience. more

  • Updating server to version 3.7.13

    Tags: xmpp, metronome, muc, mam

    This version introduces experimental limited Message Archive Management support for Multi-User Chats, it will be interfaced with mod_muc_log facilities and will allow to retrieve the current month's … more

  • Updating server to version 3.7.11

    Tags: xmpp, metronome, mam

    This puts Message Archive Management to latest revision (0.6.1), it should re-enable compatibility with clients supporting the feature like Conversation, Gajim nightly etc. But it will break … more

  • Fixed XMPP registration form

    Tags: xmpp, registration

    Due to a bug in the CMS, the ToS Agreement checkbox validation didn't work as it should, I removed the said and restored registration availability sorry for the inconvenience. more

  • Home

    Tags: XMPP, Instant Messaging, Mail, Public Service

    LW.Org offers public instant messaging services.You can register an IM account directly in band using your favorite client (that supports xmpp) or through this website, after you … more