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  • Mail Account Configuration

    Tags: mail, configuration

    Directions on how to configure your clients to use LW.Org Mail services.

    The accounts can be autoconfigured on Outlook, Thunderbird and other clients supporting … more

  • Changes to Mail Service

    Tags: mail, webmail

    Default quota has been increased from 100 MiBs to 1 GiB, it's possible to request additional SMTP/IMAP/POP3/MAPI/Card or CALDav/SyncML service access free of charge. more

  • Mail Service

    Tags: mail, webmail

    Beside Instant Messaging, from now on you will be able to use your address as mail address also! LW.Org Mail is optimised to follow the xmpp service tuned strong … more

  • Home

    Tags: XMPP, Instant Messaging, Mail, Public Service

    LW.Org offers public instant messaging and mail services.You can register an IM/Mail account directly in band using your favorite client (that supports xmpp) or through this website, … more