New joiners information..

A friendly reminder for new users: LW.Org offers its users a Public jabber/xmpp service which you can register an account for here. After you registered you can access it through our web client (Jappix a great opensource web app by the PostPro association) at which is on the site's primary links menu.

Or if you have a stand alone client of your own you can access the service by pointing it to after you registered an account.

Possible problems with SSL/TLS Encryption

Submitted by Maranda on Fri, 04/14/2017 - 18:36

Today it came to my attention that in newer versions of Chrome and Mozilla, StartCom was removed from the browsers trusted CAs due to WoSign (purchaser of StartCom) doing dubious actions and bussness activities (e.g. unauthorized certificate issuance). I couldn't notice before because apparently only certificates issued after 21st October 2016 were distrusted previously.

Site Renewal

Submitted by Maranda on Fri, 01/22/2016 - 03:38

Greetings everyone as you may have noticed, there was a little, forced, revamp of the site.

A lot of the old content is for now, or forever lost, I have yet to decide if it's worth to port all of the old site content or not, anyhow this change was forced because Drupal 6 is nearing EoL, and will be unsupported in less than 2 weeks. The XMPP facilities to register accounts and reset passwords should be fully functional as I remade the related plugins a new for Drupal 8, also all of Metronome's content and documentation is here so nothing important is lost.