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LW.Org offers public instant messaging and mail services.
You can register an IM/Mail account directly in band using your favorite client (that supports xmpp) or through this website, after which through lightwitch.org you'll be able to chat with anyone using a service federated on the xmpp network.

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Metronome Logolightwitch.org *im* service is running on Metronome IM an opensource lightweight xmpp server written in Lua based on Prosody, compliant with latest XMPP RFCs (6120-6121)


  • Enforces using secured connections for both client and server streams
  • Supports a wide amount of extensions, including: Stream Management, BOSH, MAM etc.
  • Support of Microblogging using PubSub
  • Support of MUC

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Both developing the software and mantaining the serving infrastructure costs a fair amount of money and personal effort.
If you use this service and like it please consider making a donation via PayPal.