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  • 11/11/2017 VM Restarts

    Tags: maintenance, xmpp, storm

    To fix network configuration regarding some routing issues, a few restarts were necessary. Sorry for the inconvenience. more

  • Updating server to version 3.7.13

    Tags: xmpp, metronome, muc, mam

    This version introduces experimental limited Message Archive Management support for Multi-User Chats, it will be interfaced with mod_muc_log facilities and will allow to retrieve the current month's … more

  • Updating server to version 3.7.11

    Tags: xmpp, metronome, mam

    This puts Message Archive Management to latest revision (0.6.1), it should re-enable compatibility with clients supporting the feature like Conversation, Gajim nightly etc. But it will break … more

  • Fixed XMPP registration form

    Tags: xmpp, registration

    Due to a bug in the CMS, the ToS Agreement checkbox validation didn't work as it should, I removed the said and restored registration availability sorry for the inconvenience. more

  • Home

    Tags: XMPP, Instant Messaging, Mail, Public Service

    LW.Org offers public instant messaging and mail services.You can register an IM/Mail account directly in band using your favorite client (that supports xmpp) or through this website, … more